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Hey! I'm Fusia, a relaxing puzzle game that uses a square board and colorful balls that you can move in 4 directions. Colored spheres can connect or absorb each other depending on their hue and game mode. As Fusia I have an RPG element, which is character development. After each played round, I give you experience points and stars. As you level up, you unlock new game modes and features. Due to my relaxing, calm and soothing nature I also play nice background music. I have a great memory and am good at math so I'm always ready to show your stats so you can impress your friends. Does it sound good for you? Will you make friends with Fusia?


🥼🔎 I develop myself all the time so that you and other players have the best time possible with me. And you can help with this. If you have any idea what I could improve or add, don't hesitate to drop me an email at 😊



🎨 Colorful, multicolored, prismatic, beautiful

😌 Relaxing, peaceful, restful, soothing

🎵 Calm background music

⚔️ Character development

📊 Statistics of rounds played and stars gained

🌞🌝 Light and dark theme - you can play during the day and at night



🇺🇸🇬🇧 English

🇵🇱 Polish



🏔️ Paint It, White - Your task is to fill the game board with white balls

🌌 Dark Matter - You gain points for absorbing colorful balls



⚪ White

⚫ Black

🔴 Red

🟢 Green

🔵 Blue

🟡 Yellow

🟣 Pink

🌊 Cyan

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Class schedule for students and lecturers from Częstochowa University of Technology (CUT, PCz).


Supported faculties of PCz:

* Faculty of Civil Engineering (Wydział Budownictwa)

* Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Wydział Elektryczny)

* Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science (Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej i Informatyki, WIMiI)

* Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology (Wydział Inżynierii Produkcji i Technologii Materiałów, WiP)

* Faculty of Management (Wydział Zarządzania)



* Latest student timetable available without constant internet connection

* Bookmark / favorite group list which makes checking your plan even faster!

* Student groups' schedules filter

* Teachers' class schedules and classrooms' locations (if provided)

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Handy pulse and blood pressure journal in which you can save your measurement results with optional note and keep track of your health condition regularly. The application is able to rate every entry according to the current medical standard. Correctness of these classifications is ensured by the medical consultant but remember that no application can be a substitute to doctor's appointment. We advise you to go to the specialist whenever you notice repeating high or low results.


My Pressure allows you to view the statistical charts drawn on the base of measurements of any given time range. Line chart can clearly represent increase or decrease of blood pressure or pulse, while pie chart can give you insight to the correct and departing from the norm results proportions.


Exporting journal to the PDF file gives you ability to send or print and show it to the doctor in the quick and easy way.



* External storage access - is required for the application so it can save PDF file in the right place on the data carrier.

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Bluetooth Console allows sending and receiving any kind of data between two electronic devices. The second device can be either an other smartphone or a tablet with this terminal installed, as well as a computer, and even a micro controller with a Bluetooth module.


Available data types in terminal include: plain text (in ASCII or UTF-8 encoding), floating-point numbers (of single or double precision) binary coded according to the IEEE 754 standard, and also integers with any (from 1 to 8) number of bytes that can be entered into the console as a decimal, binary or hexadecimal number.


This terminal allows you to save many settings of outgoing and incoming protocols in communication, which lets you to perform unit tests on the device's prototype.


If you're creating software for a micro controller, an embedded system or a robot that uses Bluetooth wireless communication, this Bluetooth Console will save you a lot of time in the testing phase of the prototype device.


The Bluetooth console can also be used as an unusual communicator, or a practical helper in understanding how data is transformed into a digital (binary) signal in the processors we deal with every day.

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Test your knowledge by solving various quizzes yourself or with others! 3 different game modes, the ability to create your own quizzes and customization options will let you have fun the way you want!


The application contains 64 achievements. Get them all!



* Single player - answer the questions yourself

* Hot phone - play with up to 10 friends on single device

* Bluetooth - challenge another player via Bluetooth



* World capitals

* Chemical symbols


Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, hence more functionalities, game modes and content will be added soon.



- SD card access - needed for players' question packs to be downloaded and used in the game

- Network access - used by Google Play to sign in and browse player's achievements

- Bluetooth access - required to play with your friend through Bluetooth

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